Fancy getting a new box of crayons, a colouring book and a colouring-in sticker sheet every other month right through your letterbox? Read on!


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What's included?

- A small selection of crayons in a beautiful matchbox style box

- An A5 colouring book

- An A5 sheet of colouring-in stickers which can be added to the book


How much is it?

£15 including postage. 

Siblings may subscribe together, and each additional pack on a subscription is charged at an extra £12. They will be sent in the same parcel. 


How often will I receive it?

This is a bi-monthly subscription, so you are billed and receive your parcel every other month. (June, August, October, December, February, April)


Is it themed?


Every subscription will follow a set theme, and it is a surprise what the theme is until you receive it! 


What are the benefits?

Discover beautiful and not usually available colouring sets

Teach children about new subjects, whilst practising their fine motor skills

Develops patience and relaxation

Allows you to enjoy a hot cuppa in peace (probably!)

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How does it work?

Subscribe before 7th June to receive the very first subscription!

You will be billed on 7th June and sent the first subscription when they are shipped 2-3 weeks later, then you will join the regular payment schedule as detailed below:


Bi-monthly on the 7th of August, October, December, February, April, June.


£15 includes the box of crayons, colouring book and sticker sheet, and includes postage too. Billing occurs every other month.


You can cancel any time by signing into your account here, or pause a month if you would like a break. 


To cancel click "Subscriptions", "Manage", "Subscription settings" and "Cancel", or get in touch with Rebs at

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