Do you want to learn how to make and edit stop motion animations?

Come and do a workshop with me to find out how!

I have been using stop motion videos in my business for a while now...

Since Instagram started really pushing video content on its platform, creating interesting, engaging and entertaining video content has never been more important for small businesses. 

But where do you start if you really have no idea?

Let me teach you!

So what does each workshop involve?

* A 30-45 minute session with up to 5 other small businesses.

* Learn basic stop motion technique including: how to plan and set up your video, how to work out which order to film it in and how to record your stop motion.

* Learn video editing techniques using Splice app (free version) which are useful for all business videos not just stop motion animations!)

* Find out about two different stop motion apps for your phone, including a 20% discount on the paid app. 

* Take home a comprehensive pdf document with screenshots outlining every stage in the process so you know exactly how to do your own videos at home!

In a bid to make helping other small businesses affordable, each workshop is just £20 per attendee. 

Please note - non-business attendees are also more than welcome. If you would like to learn the above too!

Would you rather do all the above but on a one-to-one basis with up to an hour to ask whatever questions you have about building a profitable business via instagram?

One-to-one appointments also available for £80/session.