Unicorn Dreams - A new icon!


The exclusive rainbow-maned black unicorn is seriously striking and really makes this set stand out from the crowd. But what you may not know was that it was the brainchild of my four year old, Wolf.

When I first showed him that I could now make these beautiful big unicorn crayons he told me very matter of factly that unicorns should have rainbow manes, and I think he has a point! I wanted the rest of the set to follow a rainbow spectrum flowing round the box, but also contain a good variety of shapes.
The unicorn itself is, of course, eye-catching, and being predominantly black is a fantastic crayon to use on the paper, but I think what really sets this box above the rest is that you receive such a variety of colours.
This set debuted in November 2020 and shot up to become a bestseller immediately. It will remain a permanent feature of The Crayon Bug range for the foreseeable future. 
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