Turn your child's scribble into a cute lion artwork!

First of all - I am not suggesting you deface scribbles your child has done meaningfully in the past. But we all know that sometimes they just scribble randomly and you could use that, or even better... do this artwork together, collaboratively! They can do as much of it as they are capable of, in an age appropriate manner! 

Now that's cleared up, we can begin! 

(I'm using my Safari crayons in this tutorial - they are available to purchase here.)

Large orange scribble in crayon to fill the page

Start with a large scribble to cover the page. As I'm going to be making a lion I chose to do this in orange but actually any colour lion is fun! 

Draw a circle

Next draw a circle on a separate piece of paper. 

Cut it out

Get your child to colour it in yellow (or whatever colour they prefer!) and cut it out. 

Stick your circle to your page

Stick your circle to your page.

Completed scribble lion

Finally use a permanent marker to add the details to the face and ears and that's it done! CUTE!!

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