Try this simple bee art activity with your scribbling child!

Sometimes trying to make cards for special occasions when your child is at the scribbling stage is really hard work - and the results can feel a little disappointing. Try this idea next time!

(I'm using my bug handmade crayons in this tutorial - they are available to purchase here.)

Crayon Bee Card

Here's how to do it in XXX easy steps!

1. First colour the background in blue with crayon to be the sky. The shaped crayons are great for this as they cover easily. 

Colour the background in blue

2. Now get your child to do a scribble to one side - it is going to be the flower so they can choose whatever colour flower they would like for their bee - I chose purple.

purple scribble for flower

3. Now do a green stem - you might want to do this yourself if your child is young, for accuracy. 

Green stem for flower

4. On a separate piece of paper get your child to do a fairly round yellow scribble.

Yellow scribble to become bee

5. Then cut it out.

Cut out yellow scribble

6. Glue the bee to your card near your flower. I used PVA but you could use a pritt stick. 

Glue it to your card near the flower scribble

7. Now use a permanent marker to add features to your bee and flower - I added stripes, a face, antennae, a sting, legs and outlined the flower too. 

Add permanent marker features

Finishing adding permanent marker details to card

And that's it - complete! Now go away and Bee Happy!

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