Love Monsters! Valentines Craft for kids that can scribble!

Absolutely LOVE this Love Monsters super easy craft idea to do with your toddlers when they are at the scribbling stage!

Love Monsters crayon craft for toddlers

It's as simple as this:

1. Take their crayon scribble (or get them to do one on the front of a blank card).

Toddler Scribble art in progress

2. Now using a permanent marker - I used a Sharpie - simple draw on eyes, arms, legs and a smile. 

Easy toddler craft - crayon scribble love monster

And that's it! I just think it's the cutest thing! 

Now go forth and make the cutest love monsters! Please do tag me on social if you do - I'd love to see yours ---> Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, and be sure to check out my beautiful handmade crayons for every occasion in the menu above!

Rebs xo


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