Let's Play Pancake Day - with free colouring download!

Extend your child's imaginative play this pancake day with this colouring in download sheet.

(I'm using my Farm crayons in this tutorial - they are available to purchase here.)

Colour in Pancake Day sheet

You can download the sheet here. Ideally print onto thin card for longevity when playing. 

Start by getting your child to colour in all the components of the sheet. 

Completed colouring in sheet for pancake day

I didn't bother colouring in the frying pan! 

Now cut out each item:

Cut out coloured in shapes 

Don't forget to colour the back of your pancake so you can play flipping it!

Flip the pancake!

Back of the pancake

Use your pancake day props for imaginative play with your child. Choose if you're going to add lemon and sugar to your pancake...

Adding lemon and sugar to the pancake

...or strawberries and maple syrup!

Add strawberries and maple syrup to the pancake!

You could even give each component a name and character! 

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