Fine Motor Activity - Make Leaf Rubbing Butterflies!

Leaf Rubbings are a classic wax crayon activity - but have a look at our spin on it below!

(I'm using my Bug crayons in this tutorial - they are available to purchase here.)

First of all go and collect a range of leaves on a walk or from the garden. And let's face it - what kid doesn't love going on a mission!

Put your leaf under the paper - for leaf rubbings

Lay them under a thin piece of paper and gently rub over the leaf using a wax crayon. The trick here is to not press too hard. Your child might need some guidance with this and some practice. It's such a great fine motor activity for them to work on how to apply different pressures to the page!

Rub gently over the paper with a wax crayon

Once you've got all your 'wings' rubbed, add the head, body and antennae with a permanent marker then cut out your butterfly!

Permanent marker for head and body of the butterfly

Experiment with different shapes of leaves to see how many different butterflies you can make!

Completed leaf rubbing butterflies

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