Easy Valentines Crayon Craft for Kids

Looking for a super easy Valentines Craft you can do with your kids this year?

Here's one for you!

Crayon drawing with a white heart in the middle

Let's see how to do it in 6 easy steps! I did this with a heart for Valentines but in fact you could use any shape!

1. Cut out your shape from thin card - to get a symmetrical heart fold the card in half first.

Cutting out a heart shape from thin pink card

2. Flatten out your heart and place it on the paper wherever you would like it to sit. I chose to put mine in the centre. Now hold it down firmly. 

Pink card heart positioned on a piece of A4 paper

3. Using crayons start to fill the outside of the paper with colour. You can do this however you like as long as all the white paper showing gets filled! I was using my Valentines Heart Crayons, which are great for it as they are easy to hold and fill the colour quickly and evenly! 

4. Continue to fill the paper - in this example I did each colour in a section radiating outwards from the heart. 

5. Now lift the card heart away to reveal your design. 

Card heart being removed to show paper beneath

6. If, like me, you managed to get a little crayon underneath the heart, just use a regular pencil eraser to remove it!

Finished design

Pencil eraser to remove crayon

And that's it! Either turn it into a Valentines card, write a message in the middle or perhaps even frame it!

Follow along on instagram, tiktok or facebook for more ideas, and be sure to check out my beautiful handmade crayons for every occasion in the menu above! 

Rebs xo


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